Looking back
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  Looking back  

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Looking back the past

  Minglun high school, which was reformed from the previous municipal Minglun Junior High School, got its prestigious name for being close to Minglun hall, a temple in memorial of confucius, in view of its geographic advantage. under the continuous contributions made by its successive principals, jian-qiu wang, fong-giang li, and ying-sheng wu, as well as the efforts of other experts and all the staff, Minglun High School has achieved quite a few outstanding performances along these years.

  Taipei City Government made an approval of the reorganization of the school on the 27th of october in 1992, which was followed by the consent of Taipei City Council on december 12 of the very same year. Minglun High School was officially started on july 1, 1993, after the honorable retirement of the first principal, yu-yi huang, on the first of august in 1997.

  The former principal, Mr. tian-chin chiou, who came to minglun in august 1997, continued with the work of reducing noises and installing air-conditioning, had labs renewed and rebuilt, added one audio-visual classroom, supplied more teaching equipment, and established avenues for teaching to be fully supported by administrative units. the present principal, Mr. deng-feng wang, will unite the strengths of all the staff members, students and parents to put into practice the ideal of “students and teaching first and putting premium on the counseling work of students’ career planning” so as to guide every student to make the best preparation for college education and go hand in hand together with the whole school to a prominent future, thus setting a new milestone for Minglun.